Why are we different?


differentNon-Demanding ScheduleUnlike other groups that meet every week, The Breakfast Club meets every other week and encourages coffee dates in between.  Because our members are successful entrepreneurs and businesses, they have demanding schedules and good networkers don’t need to meet every week to stay focused on passing leads and introductions.

Leadership Relief and MotivationThe Breakfast Club brings you a quality leader who runs the group and all of the processes in it.  The members just need to attend meetings and work with each other without any additional group demands.You will have an experienced Breakfast Club President to run every meeting who will not only motivate you, but will also work with you one-on-one to ensure you are getting a quality experience.


red leadership

Productive Environment – With one industry per member and a well run meeting, you will experience a structured and focused atmosphere to get you business, without overwhelming demands and pressure to bring leads to each meeting.  We provide each other with “organic” real leads.  The ones you want from experienced networkers.

Online Support  – Each group has its own website with each member’s name and company listed.  In between meetings, members receive a newsletter that updates the group on new members, upcoming events, etc.

No longer will you be expected to pay room fees along with an expensive membership fee.  The Breakfast Club charges a reasonable fee that can be paid quarterly and includes the room fee.meeting schedule, roster of names and more.

Additional PerksWe provide breakfast coffee and food at no additional fee.  We also provide additional gatherings like picnics and holiday parties.


Special Presentations – We have talented incoming speakers provide presentations at special times which all Breakfast Club members are welcome to attend at no charge.

How to Join


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