• Thomas Fleury
  • Founder and Managing Member of Aspiring Entrepreneurs’ Guild

    There is BNI and other business networking groups for small business here in CT and other regional areas across the U.S. Then again, there are the Breakfast Clubs in CT. Melissa is a driven and well educated communicator who has taken her experience in sales, marketing and media services to create a series of networking groups that are driven such that participants themselves are motivated to seek and share leads with one another. This results in a highly efficient team of affiliated businesses helping one another where serious business takes place.

    There is no pressure to give leads as in other groups however, there is pressure to meet people and share information so you avail yourself to those who may need and want your services. I have been in scores of such groups and found that Melissa’s groups far exceed those of other groups and those that take the time to learn, share and follow her lead in business development will find a plethora of sales and connections they would not find in other similar arenas. She “drives” the group to success and does not let it just exist on its own accord.

    I have known Melissa for nearly 10 years and have yet to hear the same story, a repetitive educational moment or anything that is not considered a “nugget” that has helped my business, or hundreds of others for that matter, in that time span. She walks the talk. Period.

  • Joe Petrowsky NMLS # 6869

    Joe Petrowsky NMLS # 6869

    Proud Owner of Right Trac Financial Group, Inc. NMLS #2709

    I have always considered Melissa Bochet as someone that I learn from on a regular basis and there is nothing more important to a business owner. Each time I attend a Breakfast Club meeting I walk away with something of value.

    Melissa has established a networking group (s) that each participant has the ability to refer business to trusted partners and has the ability to get new business on a regular basis. My participation in the South Windsor Breakfast Club is a terrific investment that continues to pay dividends.

    I would recommend that any business should look at the Breakfast Clubs as an avenue to do more business.

    Melissa, keep up the great work and all you do for all of us.

  • Lisa VanderVliet

    Lisa VanderVliet

    Account Executive – CheckWriters Payroll

    I have participated in a number of different networking groups over the last 20 years. The Breakfast Club has exceeded all my expectations. Melissa truly cares about the success of the group and its members. The value and business I have gotten from the group is exceptional. Melissa does a great job! I will definitely continue to work with her for many years to come.

    Kevin Wood

    Kevin Wood

    Account Executive at Integrity Merchant Solutions

    I first heard about the Breakfast Club thru a colleague of mine who had been a member for many years. It was my first time joining a networking group. I truly believe it was one of the best business decisions I have made.

    Melissa is a complete professional. She is a dynamic leader, full of enthusiasm and passion, and demands the same from her members. She has developed a truly powerful networking group that now encompasses 7 locations, multiple days per week, who not only share and generate good, quality business leads each week, but also establish a solid referral and business foundation.

    For anyone looking for a networking group that is not cut throat, that is a bit more laid back, and is friendly, passionate, and perhaps most importantly, adds value and strong lead generation for business professionals, I would strongly recommend taking a look at The Breakfast Club.

    Melissa, please keep doing what you, and you will soon have the strongest networking group in the state of CT.

  • Ann Adams

    Ann Adams

    Owner at Your Financial Organizer

    Melissa, the owner and facilitator of the Breakfast and Cocktail Clubs networking groups, is a fabulous leader and networker. She makes the meetings interesting, fun and educational. You look forward to going to the meetings to catch up with your business “friends” and to get excited about the day and your business prospects. Melissa helps you become a better networker so you can grow your business through referrals. You also make fabulous connections to other businesses that you can trust to refer to your clients, family and friends. While leads and introductions are tracked, it is self-tracking so you can see how your efforts are paying off. Melissa wants all of the leads to be real and not just to create inflated numbers that waste your time and energy. You also learn how to deliver a great 30-second introduction, how to speak confidently in front of others, and how to network. For a business that is not easy to generate leads, I have received many new clients through The Breakfast Club Networking groups.€

  •  Deb Prior

    Deb Prior

    Priority Bookkeeping Services, LLC utilizes my talents and interests in leadership, customer service, and tax strategy.

    I joined the original Breakfast Club in South Windsor several years ago, lead by Melissa. Her energy is infectious, and her commitment to providing interesting meetings and network connections is unsurpassed.

    The Breakfast Club is the best networking group I have ever attended!

  • Chris Rakoczy

    Chris Rakoczy

    Owner, Rakoczy Photography

    I have known Melissa for several years and she’s always been a ray of sunshine and joy to interact with. She’s detail oriented, very organized, and has excelled at making The Breakfast Club networking groups not only beneficial professional organizations, but welcoming groups of peers that really care about each other business. Thank you, Melissa, for the best networking group in which I’ve ever participated.Uncheck to stop showing on your profileCheck to show on your profile

  • Annmarie Sirotnak

    Annmarie Sirotnak

    AG Design: Helping businesses build a strong identity through print and social media design

    It has been a pleasure meeting Melissa Bochet and becoming a member of The Breakfast Club in September 2013. I have attended other networking meetings or lunches where you just pass your business card. This is a group of committed professionals seeking to grow their business and build relationships. Melissa as the facilitator makes the meetings interesting, informative and fun! Melissa is dedicated to growing the Breakfast Club networking groups and developing a strong support system for business professionals.
    I would highly recommend investing in the Breakfast Club Networking which will help you to establish a strong referral network. It is a laid back networking group that has helped me to develop more confidence with public speaking as well. Thanks Melissa for your open forum topics which always help us to navigate in this networking arena and add value to our businesses.

    Raquel Pipkin

    Raquel Pipkin

    Office Manager at Maid Brigade

    Melissa is very dedicated to what she does. She gets people from different fields together and just makes them click! It’s my first time in a networking group, I was very shy at first and not sure how it all worked but with Melissa coaching, patience and amazing attitude I got the hang of things and I love going on Thursday to our Breakfast meetings!! Thanks Melissa

    Anthony Cervoni

    Anthony Cervoni

    Realtor at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices

    Melissa is amazing at putting together business professionals so we can network and watch our businesses grow! If you haven’t checked out one of the Breakfast Club meetings or the Cocktail Club meetings, what are you waiting for?? It’s a fun way to work!

    Nancy Simonds

    Nancy Simonds

    Copy writer, proofreader, and author.

    Melissa does a wonderful job organizing the Breakfast Club meetings, making them fun, and introducing topics of real interest and concern for small companies. You always know that, besides giving and receiving leads, you’ll learn something of value to your business at a Breakfast Club meeting because the members are so knowledgeable in their fields. I’d especially recommend it for solopreneurs–it’s great to have the support of the BC team.

    Karen Fonteyne

    Karen Fonteyne

    Mortgage Loan Originator

    Melissa’s does a great job leading the Breakfast Clubs. She has a strong focus on building solid, trustworthy relationships between members that lead to genuine opportunities. The meetings are both fun and educational. I would highly recommend visiting….you’ll want to stay!

    Mark Harrington

    Mark Harrington

    Partner at Horizon Home Mortgage, LLC

    I have been a member of The Breakfast Club since Melissa started the very first club more than 5 years ago, and so many of my fellow members have too. This is a powerful testimony, because networking groups only succeed when the members are growing their businesses and achieving their goals. If you need more business then you have to check out The Breakfast Club.

    David Flynn

    David Flynn

    Flynn Wealth Management LLC

    Melissa makes networking fun. Her Breakfast Clubs bring people of various professions together sharing referrals and introductions. Melissa makes it easy getting to know, like and trust each other by providing a structured setting without pressure. I strongly encourage every business owner to contact Melissa and get busy networking

    Karol Jawitz

    Karol Jawitz

    Independent Insurance Agent, Specialist in Health Care for 65+, Life Insurance, Short Term Disability & Voluntary.

    Melissa is well organized and is a detailed oriented facilitator. Melissa motivates the Breakfast Club Group to think outside of the norm and become comfortable in asking for referrals and Networking.

    Mari Kibritian

    Mari Kibritian

    Independent Accounting Professional

    I joined the Breakfast Club 2 years ago. It has been a very rewarding experience in many levels. The atmosphere is very supportive; the members are very professional; and most of all Melissa is a very effective facilitator of our networking group. I highly recommend the Breakfast Clubs that are run by Melissa to business owners who want to network in a professional but casual way. She makes it work.

     Sarah Aiello (Estock)

    Sarah Aiello (Estock)

    Eclectic Design Inc

    Melissa Bochet is an excellent network facilitator. She brings a lot of positive energy to the group. The Breakfast Club is laid back, making it comfortable to build relationships. I would highly recommend this group to professionals looking to connect in a fun and positive environment!!!

    Robert Kwasnicki

    Robert Kwasnicki

    Director of National Marketing Strategy at WinWinUSA.com

    Melissa Bochet manages and runs extremely effective and efficient networking meetings and events via The Breakfast Club. The Breakfast Club is a professional, yet casual, networking group with members who are truly committed to helping each other grow their respective businesses. The meetings are informative, engaging and fun. I strongly recommend The Breakfast Club for anyone who is serious about building their business and developing valuable relationships.

    Bill Gilligan

    Bill Gilligan

    Your Personal Car Shopper finding high quality used vehicles – Delivered right to your door!

    I highly recommend the Breakfast Club and Melissa for the great job she does. Melissa is well organized, runs a great meeting, has a good sense of humor and always makes sure you are connecting with all the other members so everyone is benefiting from the group

    Tammy Strong

    Tammy Strong

    Sales Manager at Disaster Restoration Services

    Melissa is a relationship builder and a fantastic networker. I recently joined the Breakfast club and find it very invigorating. Melissa creates a welcoming environment which is supportive and fun. I would highly recommend any one of the groups she runs.

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