Attendance Policy

Commitment to the group is KEY to its success.  With only 24 meetings per year, each member is required to attend every meeting.

With that said, we understand that if you are sick, have vacation, or have a court date for instance, that you would not attend.  You would not be kicked out. However, if you can’t make a reasonable commitment to coming to every meeting, then don’t make it.  It is better for you to step out and allow someone who can make the commitment to take that spot.

It IS REQUIRED that you contact your facilitator BEFORE the meeting that you will not be attending and you must also share the REASON why.  “I can’t make it” is not sufficient.  Your reason will be shared with the group.  Members can formulate their own opinion as to its validity.  If it is personal, it is fine to say that, just realize that I have to communicate something to the group, but would respect your privacy.

You are not required to send a substitute in your absence, however, you are welcome to.

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