Melissa Bochet
Breakfast Club Facilitator

The Breakfast Club was inspired in 2008 by Melissa Bochet.  Frustrated with the way other lead groups were conducted and discouraged by the early time schedule for these meetings, Melissa decided to create her own group.  She would run it the way she thought would work better, scheduled it at a time where she could still put her kids on the bus and hold it around the corner from where she lived.  She feverishly put her ideas on paper and designed a structure she thought would work.

Hesitant and nervous about starting the group, she first went to Blair White of Kay’s Trucking to share her idea.  He was truly amazed and encouraged her to move forward.  She invited 12 of her favorite colleagues to a presentation at Kay’s Trucking within the month where she presented her concept.  She told them to come back the following week if they were interested.  To Melissa’s amazement, eleven of them returned the next week ready to start the group.  From there the Breakfast Club was born.

The group grew and transformed over the next 5 years.  In 2013, Melissa decided to launch other groups.  Currently there are 9 groups, however Melissa plans on growing them to  12 groups with the launch of more cocktail clubs in 2015.  We hope you will help us to grow!

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