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Larry Krainson

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IT Professional Computer Care Work Phone: 413-348-3289 Website:

Computer Care slots in where the big stores don’t want or don’t have the time to deal with hands on personal care of home users and small businesses (less than 10 users max). We are always looking for new clients and get all by word of mouth and referrals. Please think of Computer Care with these ideas in mind.

We have been in business since 1991! We’re not some fly by night place that just popped up because we lost our full time job someplace. We’ve been around for a while now and plan to be well into the future!

Specialties:Everything pertaining to PC’s and small business or home users. We Make House Calls! so no removing the computer and taking it to someone who can barely speak english!

Sherry Kraynak

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Owner Bookkeeping

Marketing, sales, and finance professional with proven ability in all aspects of product marketing, product development, business development, and revenue generation, as well as forecasting, budgeting, bookkeeping, and sales reporting.

Robert Kwasnicki

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Director of National Marketing Strategy at Win Win USA Work Phone: 860-264-5927

Entrepreneurial and strategic leader with over 20 years of experience within the fields of sales, marketing and technology. 2014 Connecticut State Representative candidate, 59th district.

Proven record of success and achievements. Team builder, change agent, mentor and driver for achieving organizational goals.

Strong communication, persuasion, and organizing abilities successfully applied to both challenges and opportunities.

Community oriented, with volunteer services provided for Habitat for Humanity, St. Bridget Parish Technical Advisory Committee, animal shelter, NYC food pantry, Big Brothers, and the PTSD Foundation of North Central Connecticut.

Specialties: Sales and service contract negotiations; Vendor contract negotiations; Brand management and development; Sales and marketing strategies; Enterprise systems implementations; Training; Programming; Successful guidance, training and management of employees, consultants and customers; Sales tools development and training; Budget development and management; Market and competition analysis.

Technical tools: Jira/Confluence, Pivotal Tracker, Liferay, MS Excel (and all MS Office products), ERP systems, reporting systems, database management, WordPress, Tivoli Storage Manager, Formscape, RPG, SQL, eCommerce.

Other activities and interests:
– Contributing writer to various on-line media
– Journalism/Photo-journalism
– Musician/composer
– Various fitness activities
– Author
– Pricing psychology
– Rapport science

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